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Have you ever wondered why some leaders Thrive while others just Survive? It is impossible to lead yourself by yourself. Do you realize that the greatest investment you can make in your life is an investment in yourself? Most successful leaders understand the need to grow and develop themselves every single day. If you are ready to turn the page in your leadership life and become the leader you were created to be, let Jonathan Leath help you. Great leaders are intentional. Jonathan and his team want to see you become a leader who Thrives. You can develop, you can achieve, and you can succeed. Each leader learns differently and at their own pace. Jonathan and his team can cater a leadership growth program to fit your leadership style. If you are ready to begin the journey, we are here to help you make it happen.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - Ancient Proverb 


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With a vast majority of leadership books focused on the external – execution, strategy, performance, profit and growth, my friend, Jonathan Leath bravely focuses on the hardest part of leadership and that is the leadership of one’s self. As Jonathan says, in his transformational book, You Only Lead One: 8 Principles for Leading Yourself Before You Lead Others (YOLO), in order to lead yourself you must first know yourself.

In reading the manuscript, you as a reader quickly learn that Jonathan has experienced faltering as a leader. His willingness to be vulnerable and transparent allowed me to hear his heart and made me want to read more. It has been through his challenges that Jonathan really began to learn how to lead himself.

I am convinced that it is impossible for a leader to know themselves without faltering and failing along the leadership journey. Yet, instead of dropping out of the race, Jonathan embraced the resilience to stay the course and share his lessons and insights with all of us.

The ANABOLIC leadership acrostic provides a simple yet memorable way to integrate the leadership principles into your life. Each chapter concludes with coaching tips for immediate application.

These principles are designed to help leaders live, love, and lead well and leave a legacy of deep impact because self-leadership precedes everything. Jonathan understands that it takes a healthy “me” to be a strong “we.”

Leadership is hard work, heart work, worth the work and You Only Lead One will help you do the work.

Dr. Johnny Parker

Former Chaplain of the Washington Redskins

Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Author of Turn the Page: Unlocking the Story Within You

Motivation vs. Inspiration

The YOLO Leader is internally driven than externally pulled. Billions of dollars are spent on motivating people. Motivated people may give you the immediate results you desire, but inspired people go beyond what’s expected; they will help develop the people around them while getting those desired results.

Motivation V.S. Inspiration Yolo Leadership Model

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