You Can’t Lead Yourself by Yourself

Assuming the position of a leader entails many challenges and responsibilities. With a role that is as significant as this, it is important that one prepares for what lies ahead. If you are looking for ways to become a better head to your team, we are here to help you discover untapped potentials and teach you how to use them to your advantage.

For years, Leath & Associates has always remained on top of the game when it comes to leadership development. Our company focuses on helping leaders thrive both in business and in their personal lives. We provide strategic techniques and tools that can help increase productivity and profitability and create repeatable and scalable success.


Our goal is to help business heads and non-profit organization leaders flourish in all aspects of their life: work, family, and personal endeavors. We want to connect with people who want to utilize their knowledge and abilities to create unique solutions for the greater good of all people.

About Us

Leath & Associates, LLC., traces its humble beginnings to 2004. Jonathan and Kamili Leath started a leadership development and training company to hone effective leaders and help organizations grow. Since then, the company has been providing coaching, training, and keynote training for companies, as well as non-profit groups.

Leath & Associates is a DiSC ® Certified company. This means that we’re more than qualified to facilitate training sessions in team management, leadership development, and leadership coaching.

We offer specialized coaching services like business formation, 501(c)(3) consulting and formation, non-profit board training, and other business consulting solutions.

Aside from providing leadership training, the couple has also published self-help books. Jonathan has authored “YOLO You Only Lead One: 8 Principles for Leading Yourself Before You Lead Others” The book focuses on the essential qualities of highly effective leaders, which help them develop anabolic skills to build up themselves and those around them.

Kamili, on the other hand, is the author of “Jonathan Rhymes,” a children’s book designed to help young readers learn to expand their vocabulary by learning about the escapades of Jonathan Leath, a young African. She also specializes in Multicultural and Educational Leadership.

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