Calling All YOLO Leaders

Regardless of your field of expertise, it’s without a doubt that being a leader isn’t an easy role. You may find yourself asking the same question Jonathan Leath of Leath & Associates had years ago: “Why do some leaders thrive while others simply survive?”

Those who thrive choose to lead themselves first. These successful leaders look for opportunities to learn about their strengths and find ways to translate them into something that can be used to grow their business or non-profit organization.

On the other hand, those who survive focus more on leading others than themselves. This leaves little to no room for them to learn about themselves and discover and hone the skills they possess that can help them lead effectively.

So how can you lead yourself? Let Jonathan teach you how with his book entitled “YOLO You Only Lead One: 8 Principles for Leading Yourself Before You Lead Others.” This reading material offers tools and strategies for people who are still learning the ropes of being a leader.

YOLO provides the practical steps you need to equip yourself with the leadership skills that your subordinates need. Once you learn about yourself and develop self-control, you’ll be on your way to becoming the leader you’re created to be.

Get started on your YOLO leadership journey today. To purchase a copy of the book, feel free to get in touch with us or buy directly from Amazon. We serve people in Philadelphia, Delaware, South Jersey, New York, and New Jersey.

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