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At Leath & Associates, we aim to impart our knowledge to as many people as we can. With this in mind, CEO Jonathan Leath has authored a book entitled “YOLO You Only Lead One: 8 Principles for Leading Yourself Before You Lead Others.”

It contains a comprehensive leadership guide about developing a strong sense of self-control, so one can thrive both in the workplace and in their personal life. Read more to learn how the book came to be and how it can be a helpful resource for aspiring future leaders.

YOLO --- You Only Lead One

For the past 25 years, Jonathan has always wondered, “Why do some leaders thrive while others simply survive?” After some deep reflection, he realized the successful ones work on bettering themselves first before assuming a high position in their organization. On the other hand, those who survive forget that self-awareness is key in leading others effectively.

Jonathan likes to call thriving leaders “YOLO Leaders” because they realize “You Only Lead One” (themselves) to prosper in life, business, and in relationships. However, he also wants people to realize that sometimes we need help understanding ourselves—and that’s what Leath & Associates is here for.

YOLO (You Only Lead One) book


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The book is designed for students in Pre-School through 3rd grade. It features pre-reading skills, comprehension, rhyming words, and representation of boys from the African diaspora.

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YOLO (You Only Lead One) book


Why Do Some Leaders Thrive?

If you have the same question, Jonathan’s Leath has the answer to your question. “You Only Lead One: 8 Principles for Leading Yourself Before You Lead Others” offers proven tools and strategies for new and emerging leaders who have been entrusted with the vital role of guiding the generations to come.

YOLO provides practical steps to develop a strong sense of self-awareness and discipline. Once you understand yourself from within, you can create a concrete plan of action to move forward. Get a copy of our book today and discover how you can become the leader that you are destined to be.


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